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Of course, there are a lot of great advantages to having central heating with a gas boiler, but every once in a while, you’re very likely to come across a situation.

Even though it’s probable that the situation you have could be different, the vast majority of the time you’re likely to see that your boiler situation is a general one. This guarantees that identifying the right resolution will be much easier and faster than what you assumed.

A great deal of boiler issues can essentially be minimised by getting your boiler serviced often, we advise at the very least annually.

The Six Most Usual Gas Boiler Repair Situations

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  1. No Hot Water
  2. Boiler Is Leaking Or Dripping
  3. Odd Sounds Coming From Your Boiler
  4. Pilot Light Is Not Lit
  5. Low Pressure Boiler
  6. Issues With Your Thermostat

1. No Hot Water – Basically, your boiler isn’t carrying out its job whenever this happens, and there are a few possible causes.

  • A diaphragm or airlock is degraded.
  • There is a low level of water.
  • There can be something wrong with your thermostat.
  • One of the motorised valves has broken.

The first and easiest points for you to examine are the thermostat and the boilers water pressure. If it’s any one of these issues then follow your boiler manufacturers procedures for dealing with these issues. If it’s not any of the issues above then you should call a Gas Safe registered and qualified boiler technician to check out the situation properly.

2. Boiler Is Dripping Or Leaking

Drips and leaks are an obvious sign of an essentially more significant situation, however, except when you’re qualified to do so you should not try to identify the situation for yourself. Most of the causes for your boiler to have drips or leaks will most likely call for a trained boiler technician to deal with them. Leaks and drips are regularly caused by a malfunctioning pump seal or pressure valve. When it’s repaired, you may have to lower your boiler’s pressure, your boiler technician will gladly advise you on how to do it.

3. Odd Sounds Coming From Your Boiler

Probably one of the most obvious of all boiler issues is when your boiler starts to make unusual noises, for instance, banging or gurgling. It’s very likely that air is caught inside of the system is the problem, however, it could possibly additionally be because of low water pressure. However, the situation might also be even more serious, such as your boiler nearing the end of its lifespan and you need a brand-new boiler installed.

4. Pilot Light Is Not Lit

The remedy for an unlit pilot light is very easy, simply relight it. However, right before doing that you ought to take a look at your system to determine if there is a more severe problem primarily. Issues you might discover include:

  • A close by draught putting out the light.
  • Build up in close proximity to or around the {pilot}light that extinguishes it.
  • The source of the gas might be obstructed by a thermocouple that is broken.

If you do see anything that you think may be an issue then you ought to call your local boiler technician to check out and if required deal with even before you make an attempt to relight the pilot light.

5. Low Pressure Boiler

A loss of pressure in your boiler might be a signal of an issue with your heating system itself. You are able to check out the pressure of your boiler by looking at the pressure gauge and checking that it’s more than 1. If it’s not, then there is an issue someplace inside of your heating system which needs to get checked out by a trained boiler technician.

6. Issues With Your Thermostat

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An unreliable thermostat might cause numerous issues, so it’s critical to establish a routine plan (at minimum once a quarter) to be sure that your thermostat is operating as intended. It’s an easy test. You simply begin by ensuring the thermostat is in the proper position and has the correct setting and that your boiler switches off when you reduce the temperature setting and back on once more when you increase the temperature setting.

In Summary

The above issues are the leading ones that our boiler technicians are phoned for. If you’re in any doubt then it’s safer to call a trained boiler technician who is on the Gas Safe register to take a look and advise you.

If you do have an issue with your boiler and need a 24 hour boiler repair then get in touch with our South Shields team and book a visit with one of our local 24 hour emergency boiler repair engineers.

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